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We are currently fulfilling one of our biggest dreams up to date.

In March 2019, together with members of “Zarabiaj Inaczej” association, we are heading for Nepal, to get a closer glimpse of some of the world highest peaks.

They have chosen us because of our attention to details and our specific sense of adventure.

The purpose of this trip is not only to summit one of the peaks but also a reportage about people who went out of their comfort zones and took on an amazing challenge. We will also bring you closer to Nepalese people, and their day to day struggles living on the world highest mountain range.

The wall that separates us from our dreams is tumbling down and we are reaching out to the other side.

Our, once distant dreams are now within our reach.

The support of our close ones, advise of our mentors, tons of books read and weeks spent in the mountains only straighten our lust for new adventures.

We plan to explore Patagonia, the Andes, the Hindu Kush, the Pamir, the Himalayas and of course the Alps.

We are driven by a constant temptation to explore countries that despite the artificial borders are connected by mountain ranges.

We want to visit remote mountain villages and connect with the local people. We want to experience the way of life that’s long forgotten by the western world

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