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Mountain peaks are a goals in themselves.

We undertake a series of physical, mental and hardware preparations.

We carefully choose the team to raise the level of their skills and safely return from the expedition.

Each climb to the summit is preceded by a training trip, thorough route planning and selection of alternative evacuation routes in case of bad weather or accident.

We practice abseiling, climbing, descents into caves, avalanche and crevasse rescues.

Preparations alone carry our thoughts on top unscaled summits we long for.

Thanks to training, preparation and many years of experience, we have built a team of over a dozen people ready to take on any challenge.

Our greatest achievements are our partners, not the summits we have climbed. We have created a great community of committed people. People who improve their skills, share knowledge and inspire others.

We are still expanding our group and exchanging experiences.

We are a non profit organisation brought together by the passion for the mountains and adventure

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